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David Ghilardi is great in two roles.


"Ghilardi’s surprisingly complex portrayal of a hardened racist is effectively executed ..."

Ron Irwin

"David Ghilardi as Talbot is wonderfully nuanced" - Kat Mitchels



Shakespeare in LA

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David Ghilardi provides essential counter-balance as a mellow captain giving atmospheric tours of the Falls.

Los Angeles Times - Arts

David Ghilardi is impressive.

Broadway World

David Ghilardi plays Alcibiades, a soldier by nature and design, but with a passion for his beliefs. David gives it his all and, even with the thrust of loyalty guiding his ways, he shows extreme vulnerability in his performance.


The performances are absolutely sensational.

Review by Jonathan Lee

David Ghilardi does fine work playing multiple roles.

Steven Staly - StageScene LA

An excellent David Ghilardi!

Pat Taylor - The Tolucan Times

Froggy is sharply played by David Ghilardi

Lorenzo Marchesi - NoHoArtsDistrict


Arts in LA

David Ghilardi is slyly hilarious in multiple parts.


David Ghilardi (who plays four roles) showcases his versatility.

LA Weekly

David Ghilardi

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